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Iggy’s Alive & cultured is a local company with decades of fermenting experience, committed to local farms and organic produce. We combine traditional and innovative techniques to bring out the best of each ingredient.

Our organic, raw, vegan ferments and pickles are inspired by traditions from around the world, reflecting a meeting of cultures and contrasting flavors; an easy and delicious way to include more vegetables and probiotics in your diet. A versatile food to eat by itself, or “elevate your plate” by adding them to your favorite dishes.

And don't forget the save the brine! Leftover brine has so many uses:

  • a probiotic "gut shot"

  • marinade for meats & vegetables

  • base for salad dressing

  • add flavor to sauces or pasta

Share your plating & recipes with us on Instagram @iggysaliveandcultured!

Turmeric Kraut

  • A truly golden ferment, we source fresh turmeric root from Hawaii and ferment it several months for rich taste and greater bioavailability.

  • We add fermented onions and grated carrots for flavor and texture.

  • Enjoy with: avocado toast, morning eggs, in sandwiches, or add to grain bowls and green bowls.


Ingredients: fermented cabbage (green cabbage*, water, sea salt), carrots*, fermented onions (onions*, water, sea salt), fermented turmeric (turmeric root*, water, sea salt), spices* (*organic)

Adjika Kraut

  • A savory and aromatic sauerkraut with warm spices.

  • From the Caucasus mountains in Georgia we source Adjika, a traditional herb and spice blend beloved and well known for centuries in national cuisines.

  • Enjoy with: lamb kebab or any fire-kissed meat, grilled eggplants, peppers, zucchini, or on top of crusty bread with any spread.


Ingredients: fermented cabbage (green cabbage*, water, sea salt), fermented onions (onions*, water, sea salt), sweet peppers, Adjika spice blend (*organic)

Vegan Kimchi

  • A milder, vegan version of Kimchi, with bright fresh ginger and deep umami.

  • Using traditional techniques, it is a great introduction for “kimchi curious” customers.

  • Try it in: rice bowls with gomasio, noodle soups, stir fries,and  asian-inspired fish dishes. Also a great addition to scrambled eggs or scrambled tofu.


Ingredients: napa cabbage*, water, apples*, onion*, ginger*, spices*, sea salt, scallion*, unrefined sugar*, garlic* (*organic)


Dill Kraut

  • Kraut that tastes like artisan fermented dill pickles! We add our own fermented garlic sauce and carefully picked fresh dill to add brightness and savory notes. 

  • A sip of the brine makes a great daily probiotic gut shot.

  • Enjoy with: lox and cream cheese bagel, baked or broiled fish, sausages or veggie dogs, sandwiches on rye, green salad, or slaw.


Ingredients: fermented cabbage (green cabbage*, water, sea salt), fermented garlic (garlic*, water, sea salt), dill* (*organic)


Curried Cauliflower

  • A fresh take on South Asian pickles: crunchy cauliflower and fermented sweet onion, lightly curried.

  • This golden pickle is a delicious new way to enjoy cauliflower; a perfect finger food or snack.

  • Serving: on toothpicks with pilsners or Alsatian wines, as a bright complement to rich cheese or smoky charcuterie boards, or a contrasting side to rice biryanis.


Ingredients: cauliflower*, water, fermented onion (onions*, water, sea salt), distilled vinegar, unrefined sugar*, spices*, sea salt (*organic)

Root Fusion

  • Hearty Eurasion roots: a tangy raw pickle of beets and daikon with a hint of caraway.

  • Earthy, deep red beets prove  that pickles are not just green veggies swimming in a jar!

  • Suggestions: pairs with dark beers and very dry ciders: serve as a bar snack or complement to charcuterie and hard cheeses.   Add to baby Arugula salad with chevre and toasted pecan halves. 

  • Don’t forget to save the brine: make a simple salad dressing with unbeatable color and flavor, just add EVOO, salt, and pepper.


Ingredients: water, daikon*, beets*, distilled vinegar, sea salt, unrefined sugar*, garlic*, spices* (*organic)


Carrot Chi

  • Iggy’s version of a carrot salad popularized by Korean families living in Eastern Europe

  • Fresh & raw, savory & sweet, lightly spiced: this pickled salad is an everyday staple on tables around the world.

  • Enjoy with: Almost anything! These carrots will brighten up any dish, add to salads, slaws, and wraps. Top your baked potato, along with sourcream and chives. Serve as a small salad alone, or alongside roasted meats or grilled tofu.

Ingredients: carrots*, distilled vinegar, sea salt, garlic*, spices*, lemon juice*, unrefined sugar*, sunflower oil* (*organic)

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