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Thank you so much for taking a moment to read about Iggy's brew for Ukrainian Awareness, Linden Blossom Honeybrew!

Flowers from the linden tree (“lypovyi tsvit” in Ukrainian) have a subtle honey-like aroma and delicate sweetness. Humming with bees, blossoming linden marks the arrival of July (“Lypen”). Carefully harvested and dried, the flowers become tea that soothes winter colds; a spoon of buttery linden honey instantly recalls warm summer memories. According to old Slavic traditions, linden trees can "feed you, clothe you, heal you", and even lift curses.

At Iggy’s Alive and Cultured we truly live to create wonderful products and share bits and various aspects of our culture as humans, as organisms, as a community. Липовий Цвіт (Linden Blossom) Honeybrew (Jun Kombucha) is our way to keep you hydrated through the day, delight you with  something new (or maybe something you remember from your childhood), and to raise awareness that the war in Ukraine is far from over.


In March of this year, our team member Dashka went to help refugees crossing the border into Slovakia.  During her time there she was able to hear first hand the stories of the women and children fleeing war, and see how help could most effectively be provided to her fellow Ukrainians.  Please find below some helpful resources and links to connect you with people all over the world in helping Ukraine fight for their sovereignty and freedom.


Make borscht not war: from fine dining to feeding the front line - Slow Food International

This website is helping raise money to feed communities all over the world. They are also supporting the effort to feed people in Ukraine who lost their homes and access to basic needs. Some restaurants have switched fully to feeding volunteers and those in the territorial defense force. Thousands of bowls of Borscht have been distributed daily since February 2022


World Central Kitchen (

This organization creates and distributes food in hot spots all over the world. In February 2022 they were the first to set up kitchens on borders with Ukraine in Poland, Slovakia, Hungary,and Romania, feeding and caring for over 2 million Ukrainians that crossed the border for their safety. They are continuing to work with local chefs and communities inside Ukraine.


World Central Kitchen | Fearing for safety, thousands of families flee their homes in Ukraine (


Nova Ukraine

This organization is making tremendous effort to help humanitarian crisis in Ukraine, they publish updates and articles about everyday challenges and ways you can help.


Home - Razom (

This organization became a voice for Ukraine since the war started. They are helping humanitarian efforts and have good resources on their webpage to discover where help is needed most and what is being done to date.


United24 - The initiative of the President of Ukraine (

This organization focuses on providing medical equipment, safe transportation from battle fields, and rebuilding damaged infrastructure. They are looking for companies to collaborate with.


Благодійний фонд Сергія Притули (

This fund has been helping war-torn Ukraine for several years now, having raised a significant amount of support for military and humanitarian needs of the country.


Ukrainian Association of Washington State ( - Donate (

This is a local organization bringing Ukrainian culture to Washington state. Their website is a great resource to see what support is needed in Ukraine, and for nearby events to join and add your support.


Sunflowers for Ukraine 202222 (

A local effort by Bainbridge Island 4th graders in Kitsap County, a heartwarming project you can share with everyone.


Saint Javelin

“Saint Javelin” started as a project using internet memes and merchandise to raise money for Ukraine. Their social media account is filled with memes, sharp humor, and unapologetic reaction to events.


We know that there are many more wonderful people who are not staying aside and doing all they can to help the people of Ukraine in this difficult time. If you know of someone doing good work please let us know.  Please feel free to write to us with questions or request further information, or connect with us on Instagram or Facebook (links in footer). 


Together, we are strong. Слава Україні!


Dashka and the Iggy’s Team

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