This is an Umami Bomb!  Instant, intense savory flavor.  We combine our fermented garlic sauce with Pimentón (smoked paprika), Guajillo peppers, and (one of the rare instances we use it) a touch of apple cider vinegar for brightness that opens up the umami depths.

Smokey Garlic Sauce 5oz

  • Our products contain living cultures and can continue fermenting if left at room temperature for long enough.  For some, this is a welcomed process that continues to age and mature the sauce, developing more character and dimension.  If you'd like to go this route, just keep it out of the sunshine!  For folks who want to keep the sauce just as it is when it arrives, keep it cold until you're ready to enjoy.  

  • Fermented garlic (organic garlic, sea salt, water), spices, organic apple cider vinegar


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