We've accelerated the release of a few of our products in development to bring you, our local Iggy's community, the ferments you've been without for the last year.  We're thrilled to announce that sauerkraut is coming back to Iggy's! 


We have five exotic kraut varieties ready for a new home.  With only 20 packages available, we'll be out until our next batches finish fermenting. 


What's Inside:


Back to the Roots - 8oz 

European flavored kraut with beetroot, carrots, and caraway.  Mild in flavor bringing together the best earth can offer, you can enjoy it on its own or on top of rye bread with your favorite spread


Smoky Kale - 8oz

A beautiful combination of kale and smoked paprika, to accompany any meaty dish or sharp hard cheese.


Golden Turmeric - 8oz

Tangy, deep flavor with sweetness from carrots, and a spark from onions and mustard seeds. This kraut is a hero in fighting inflammation and you can enjoy it truly with anything.


Umami - 8oz

A mouthful of goodness flavored with shiitake mushrooms and house-made black garlic, you won’t wish for anything else.


WOV! Kimchi - 16oz

Our Wonderful Organic Vegan napa cabbage Kimchi is a true treasure - flavored with tart apples and sweet pears instead of fish sauce. Make your bowl of rice and dive in! 


And for good measure, a bottle of each:


Beet Kvass:  The blood of mother earth itself.  Uplifting and deep, every sip bringing vitality and delight.  Made with pressed-in-house organic Washington State beets. 


Honeybrew Kombucha: Better-for-you luxury that supports your immune system and brings warmth and spark to your taste buds.

Kraut Care Package

Select Delivery or Pick-Up Method
  • We're taking every precaution to prevent the spread of Covid-19, and appreciate your support and understanding in fulfilling your order.  

    For pickup, we will send a confirmation email with our available pick up times throughout the week, along with simple instructions for a contact-less pickup outside of our facility.  Sorry we can't bring you in for a tour! 

    For deliveries, we can either drop your order off on your doorstep and notify you of its arrival or contact you when we're in your neighborhood to meet you while maintaining a safe physical distance. 

  • Fermented foods and beverages last the longest in the fridge at stable temperatures.  To keep your krauts in the best shape, we also recommend pushing cabbage down beaneath the brine level of the jar when you're done snacking. 

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