After receiving many emails that sound like something between a death threat and a love letter, we've made our GreenSauce available once again for all of the die-hards out there.  


Made with organic serrano, poblano, anaheim, and jalapeno peppers from Alvarez Organic Farms in Yakima, WA, we ferment this sauce for months to develop the wonderful flavors of these earthy, savory peppers. 


Our GreenMan sauce is a medium slather sauce that packs a Lacto-fermented flavor punch.  


No vinegar was involved in the creation of this sauce!

GreenMan Hot Sauce - 10oz

  • Our products contain living cultures and can continue fermenting if left at room temperature for long enough.  For some, this is a welcomed process that continues to age and mature the sauce, developing more character and dimension.  If you'd like to go this route, just keep it out of the sunshine!  For folks who want to keep the sauce as  when it arrives, keep it cold until you're ready to enjoy.  


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