What is lurking there in that package?  Actual Honeybrew SCOBY pellicle and broth!


Unfortunately we can't ship our honey brew (but please ask for it at your local store). However, we CAN ship you an authentic Iggy's SCOBY with instructions for making your own Jun!


We ship a sealed package with enough SCOBY to make 4 liters of your own Honeybrew Jun Kombucha, along with instructions.  What flavors will you choose when you brew your own?

Authentic Iggy's Jun SCOBY



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    98% would recommend

    Simply the Best



    BEST Kombucha I've found with the perfect amount of ginger! Do yourself a favor and get yourself a bottle

    The best!!


    Gerry Adams

    After I tried the green sauce I threw out every other hot sauce in my house. I keep a cluple spares on hand at all times. It is perfect on everything!!

    I love the mixed box



    How can one decide? I love all the flavors -- so this mixed box is perfect.

    Best Hot Sauce



    How have I gone my whole life without this hot sauce?! It is seriously so good, I put it on just about everything.




    I generally don't stick to a single hot sauce, but this hot sauce is SO GOOD I keep coming back!!!! It has the heat I crave without overwhelming my dish. My guess is that because they don't add vinegar and allow the peppers to ferment, it is naturally a more complimentary hot sauce to just about any dish. I'm obsessed!!!!!

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