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Iggy's Elixirs: what is a "Botanical Physic?"

Simply put, it is "The Cure for Dull Drink."  Humans have been adding flavor to water and spirits forever: juices, citrus, syrups, bitters, shrubs... elixirs of all kinds have been formulated to enliven dull drinks.  The elements of this alchemy usually contribute something sweet or savory, some distinct spice, herb, or fruit for flavor and aromatics, something with acidity for brightness and refreshment.  These concoctions are added to sparkling water, spirits, and sometimes beer or wine to create more interesting, refreshing drinks.

Many of the bitters and syrups we love in our drinks today started out as medicine: "tonic" used to be a more generic word for a beneficial medicine, though now it refers almost exclusively to the flavored soda we add to gin, or drink with lime.  Similarly, "physic" used to refer to almost any type of medicine for invigorating the body or purging undesirable elements; we use it to describe our elixirs that purge the dullness from any kind of drink.

Shrubs, for example, typically use vinegar, fruit, and sugar syrup.  We decided to create an elixir combines the classic elements of aromatics, sweetness, and brightness (acidity).  We started with our honey-fermented tea (Jun), which provides organic acids that are softer and more complex than simple vinegar.  We make our own carefully steeped extracts of aromatic whole botanicals, then balance and stabilize the concoction with organic honey.

This is a completely natural product of fermentation and small-batch extraction, and some sediment will appear.  You can let it settle, for a clear drink, or shake it up if you want: either way it will still taste delicious.

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