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Our Team

Together we Ferment!

Founded in 2012 on the shores of the Salish Sea on Bainbridge Island, Washington, Iggy’s was launched to honor the rich history of fermentation and the critical role it has played around the world in cultures and food systems for centuries.


We’re foodies, herbalists, artists, musicians, sci-fi fans, fishers and foragers, homesteaders, home-brewers, parents, backcountry-badasses, and fermentation freaks. We show up to work every day to craft the finest fermented beverages on the market, and we love to share.


Our culture mirrors our fermentation practices, and through passion and perseverance, shared meals and camaraderie, our mandate is to be better human beings and realize our collaborative vision of creating extraordinary fermented products that harmonize cultures and communities.

Alive & Cultured

At Iggy’s, fermentation is a practice of creativity, collaboration, art, and magic. Our inspiration comes from the love of creation and pursuit of integrity. There's something special going on in our brewhouse and we want the world to see!


We craft our brews with the finest organic teas, herbs, botanicals, and veggies sourced from local farms, and are continuously developing internal practices that support and prioritize our local food systems and communities.  


With extended slow-fermentation times, in-house extractions, and the meticulous loving care of our brew team, we believe we are making of the finest artisanal brews in the kombucha and kvass categories.



Bioavailable and probiotic never tasted so good!

Hands around iggy's

Over the years there have been many hands and hearts involved in our humble project, and we could not be here without the passion, perseverance, humor, strength, and creativity that everyone involved has contributed. 


The faces you see here make our world go round, and are some of the most playful and intelligent folks we've ever known. 


We are blessed with the support of a large community, and we are grateful. 





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